diane psaila

Denim is one of the most worn fabrics in the world and considered by many as the most iconic garment in the history of western fashion. I personally have it in every form: pants, jackets, shirts, skirts, bags, dresses. It is hard to believe that back in the 30s, women had to fight to wear pants, let alone denim pants. Levi’s first introduced the denim pants, known as jeans in 1873. It started as a humble piece of workwear for men and continued to evolve, improving durability and comfort. Rebellious women wore men’s Levi’s to ride horses and work on farms. It was a time were pants for women were not considered appropriate and acceptable. So it was a very bold move for Levi’s to introduce the first Lady Levi’s in 1934. One of the most important corrections from the male version was the introduction of the zipper following complaints from women about the button fly. The Lady Levi’s promoted power, rebellion, strength and most of all gender equality! The 1934 concept of the Trucker Jacket, therefore: celebrates Levi’s for the bold move; is inspired by the women who were brave enough to want to wear denim, to actually wear it despite being judged for it, to every woman who is not afraid to be opinionated, to be herself, to girl power! And dedicated to both my grandmas who were born in 1934, like the Lady Levi’s.