emma fsadni

When taking on this project I knew that I didn’t want to simply embellish the Levi’s trucker jacket just for the sake of creating something that was visually pleasing. Rather, I took this experience as an opportunity to express my own artistic identity onto the garment itself. My practice leans towards a minimal aesthetic, and often incorporates underlying concepts based on my own life experiences and observations. Through the pairing of these components, I aimed to reinvent the jacket into something that held a visual narrative, while still remaining wearable and true to Levi’s style. As a medium, I decided to focus on illustration with it being the core of my more recent work. I took pen to paper and started sketching with no preconceived outcomes in mind. In process, this visualization of self- destructive coping mechanisms started to materialize. The figure portrayed is seated, her arms extend on, taking the place of a chair’s supporting structure. Here the sitter attempts to be her own support system, however, her slouched posture suggests a sense of struggle, depicting that her means of self- reliance may be causing her greater suffering than aid. Besides being an aesthetic preference, the bleaching and distressing of the jacket represents this stripping of the ‘wearer’s’ hard exterior. Becoming open to the vulnerability that comes when breaking down and accepting the support of others. The darkness of the velvet detailing adds an element of solidity back to the jacket. The contrast of its soft texture against the rougher denim highlights the illustration’s conflict between strength and weakness. The asymmetric finish creates a sense of balance through imbalances.