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Martin grew up in Ghaxaq and from a very early age he has always shown a keen interest in Art. He loved creating carnival costumes and masks, paintings, graffiti etc. Till today you can still spot some of his art in Ghaxaq on village walls and garage doors. Martin advanced his love for art at Mcast Art and Design Institute. Nowadays he is a full- time tattoo artist. He’s been tattooing for the past 13 years in various tattoo studios in Malta. Three years ago he opened his own shop, Oddity tattoo studio, together with his work partner Rebecca Bonaci. Martin is mostly known for his traditional old school tattoo style. He loves this style as it is timeless, simple, bold and clean. Martin is also known for his love for vintage cars and motorcycles. When not at his shop he spends hours at his garage pinstriping vintage cars, customizing helmets and motorcycles. He also enjoys working with Custom Lids by creating custom designs for t- shirts and helmets.

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Born in Canada, I spent my early childhood in Tunisia and then moved to Malta in 2001. My multi-cultural upbringing has developed in me an adaptability and openness to try new things and go beyond convention. I have always been interested in personal style and, at 15, made my first dress out of a pair of old purple bed sheets. The act of using old material for my projects, rather than newly bought fabric, has defined the majority of my work in recent years. I like to go just beyond the comfort zone with my clothing, challenging patterns and pushing the boundaries of what is expected from a shirt or dress, whilst still keeping the garment adaptable and wearable. I draw most of my inspiration from cultural artefacts and structures, with particular interest in shapes, textures and prints. I make all my clothes in my Dingli home studio. My current business involves selling the clothes I make, upcycling services, and providing sewing lessons. For me, clothes are not there to just cover our bodies but to tell a story about our lifestyle, our personality, and what we are about. I hope that through my work, I can inspire people to adopt a more thoughtful and ethical approach, not only to how they curate their wardrobes, but to their overall lifestyle and general consumption.



Francesca is an illustrator and creative based in Malta, fluent in both traditional and digital media. Her fondness for classical children’s fairy-tale books is a strong feature that resonates and inspires most of her illustrations. Her work is particularly focused on the development of characters and imaginative worlds. Francesca has graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts Honours Degree from the University of Malta, which has allowed her to develop and hone her skills within the spheres of animation and illustration. Her studies at the university led to her solo exhibition, as part of her final dissertation called, ‘Distorja’ held at the gallery space formerly known as MARIE Gallery5, a project that focused on extending the illustrative medium within an immersive and narrative space. Her latest solo exhibition, ‘Qatra Qatra’, held at Café Society in Valletta, was focused on creating a series of illustrative characters personifying popular beverages. Fran has also worked with Merlin Publishers in illustrating a Maltese children’s school book, as well as having her work place first in the National Book Council’s Literary Art Contest in 2017. She is currently a full-time designer and creative with a local design agency. Francesca dedicates her time to sketching out new character ideas and designs, spending time with her four-legged friends and creating new stories from everyday life observations.



Maria Cutajar, Founder and Creative director of her own high-end fashion brand, Maria Cutajar. All garments within her brand are hand made by herself and finished with couture sewing techniques. Cutajar was Born in Malta (3-10-1988), from a young she studied art and was her favourite subject, Marlene Camilleri her mentor in art constantly believed in her creativity. Later after dropping her dream of becoming a professional dancer due to a back injury, Maria started her studies at MCAST, Institute of Creative arts, earning a full scholarship to continue her studies at Accademia Italiana in Florence, Italy. Maria Showcased her first collection during Malta Fashion week (New Designers) 2015. In December 2015 was chosen from her university to Visit Dubai to collaborate with Sharjah Business Women for her ‘Coral Vibes Collection’. By the end of 2016 she graduated from both Accademia Italiana and Nottingham University (UK). Today she is expanding her own brand and working as a part-time lecturer at MCAST in Garment Production, fashion and techniques. Aside from participating at Malta Fashion Week, also participated at Mid de fleur (Florence) Materiali di Moda (Florence). Miss in Tech, Unici in Passarella a fashion show with a difference, with people with special needs walking down the runway. Hosted her own event Forbidden Voices in aid of Domestic Violence.



Diane Psaila is an architect by profession and runs a studio together with her husband in Zebbug, Malta. Together, they try to involve their practice in a variety of design projects like KUBU which was a moving performance space during the Malta International Arts Festival 2017 for which they had a special commendation at the Malta Architects Award.


Diane’s interest in the world of arts has started when she was very young. She describes herself as assertive, highly opinionated, political and passionate and art seems to be the best medium to vent and express herself. She is interested in various forms of art; music, theatre, architecture, fashion. She studied music and theatre when she was young, this helped her develop her communication skills, and the ability to understand expression in general. Through architecture, she transforms the users’ necessities into spaces and volumes. Fashion on the other hand is a way of life for her, because it is the medium by which she decides how to project herself to the outer world. As an artist, she uses whatever she can to materialise her beliefs, sounds her opinion and make a statement. A strong principle which she feels strongly about is always what motivates her.



Emma Fsadni was born in 1996 in Belgium and educated in Australia, the Netherlands and Malta where she received her B.A. Honours in Fine Arts from the MCAST Institute for Creative Arts. ​ Emma’s work addresses contemporary observations and conflicts surrounding themes such as idealization, habits, perception and identity.


She translates complex concepts through means of minimal aesthetics; condensing her ideas visually, while maintaining levels of intricacy in process. Fsadni gravitates towards two-dimensional media, namely; illustration, printing, painting and digital media. She finds that such media allows her to maintain sensitivity in execution.

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Sarah Falzon is a freelance designer and all-round creative, with a knack for branding and conceptualising projects from start to finish. With 13 years of graphic design experience under her belt, Falzon specialises in marketing and developing campaigns for all types of businesses and clients. She is well known for her minimalist aesthetic with a focus on beautiful typography and colour palette. Falzon is also an active photographer, which she makes use of in her practice, after having started off her career in the field. With strong connections to the music scene, in particularly the Maltese alternative scene, Falzon is a musician, singer and band member in the renowned indie band nosnow/noalps. Most recently, being both a musician and designer, Falzon founded the audio visual company White Noise as a partner and manager of branding and marketing, working on all aspects of the successful new company’s image. Sarah Falzon is also Mum to an awesome young boy, who inspires her everyday with his happiness and love for music and all things creative, just like her.

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Sarah Mifsud, an artist of Maltese nationality who obtained her educational certification through the University of Malta and the Institute of Art and Design through the Malta College of Art, Science and Technology. Her interest in the arts ignited through her first year at MCAST, studying for a Foundation Diploma in Art and Design, which later led to the completion of a Higher National Diploma in Fine Arts. Following her scholastic achievements, Mifsud went on to obtain a Bachelor’s Degree (Hons) in Fine Arts and a Master of Fine Art in Digital Arts. Inspired from her Fine Art background and her love for drawing, Mifsud worked on several projects; airbrushing automobile parts, taking part in several local art exhibitions, and working on customizing Converse shoes for local shops and also on a freelance basis. In 2016 Mifsud followed a tattoo course at Skinlabel Tattoo Parlor, Malta. This led her to becoming a licensed full-time tattoo artist, focusing mainly on color tattoo styles. She went on to winning awards at The Malta Tattoo Expo both in 2017 and 2018, together with working at The Great British Tattoo Show in London, 2018.



Mikaela is a full-time design assistant with a Marble Manufacturing Company. She is known for
her lively character and love for art. In her free-time she explores a range of different medium’s
and inspiration for her works, as she believes that inspiration can be found anywhere. Mikaela
describes her works as left open for the viewer to have their own interpretation as she takes
an analytic approach towards the subjects of human behavior, cultural issues, identities and