FRED PERRY : Record Store Day Malta

SAVE THE DATE: Record store day will be celebrated in Malta on the 21st of April. For this occasion, Fred Perry Malta teamed up with Sunset Records Malta. During the day, limited edition bags will be given to those who shop from Fred Perry and Sunset Records Malta stores.

These bags have been designed by Ella Zheng, Valen Lim, Josh, and Hideyasu Moto. 

"The inspiration behind my design is reminiscent of old Singaporean vinyl record covers. It is not only a celebratory piece about the growing number of talented local musicians in our small but interesting country, but also a celebratory piece about women" - Ella Zheng

"Jukeboxes and vinyl records bring back old memories so I thought to combine these elements with memories of my old home and create a 'house of rock.'" - Valen Lim

Which British icons inspire you?  “Peter Blake, Ian Dury, Humphrey Ocean, Peter Saville” - Josh

What’s the best gig you’ve ever been to? "George Harrison’s Japan Tour in 1991 at Yokohama Arena" - Hideyasu Moto


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