We interviewed Sean Borg, the singer/guitarist of The Velts, in anticipation of the #RecordStoreDay in Malta (April 21st).

A song you wish you 'd written:  Hard question... there are so many to choose from. If I had to choose one song, it would be something by #DavidBowie. One of my favourite pop tunes is: Starman. The singable and very unusual catchy chorus that pops up from nowhere after a softleading verse, is simply fantastic. Bowie was always magical.

Best song to bring people together: A very cheesy one, but many would agree that there is nothing better than John Lennon's Imagine… a connecting tune, with nice warm words that everyone can relate to in a way; whoever you are, wherever you’re from and whatever you believe in.

A British icon or band who inspire your band

Syd Barrett and the early Pink Floyd sound. I consider Syd to be one of the pioneers of psychedelic pop music in general. He inspired me in my late teenage years, and was the first stepping stone to get heavily influenced and change the way I looked to music back then. A huge personal turnover on how  to understand songwriting process and the how to deliver a well crafted sonic sound on to a song. .

Best love song of all time ?

Edwin Collins - A girl like you. Personally,  one of the most sexiest songs. Especially the main guitar line of the song; it is delivered in the song a couple of time and it is such a thrilling instant hook. It blows my mind every time I hear it... how can you resist Collin's tone of voice? Perfect enough to give you goosebumps.


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