I approached the Trucker jacket customization project by doing what I do best; totally restructuring the shape of the garment. After playing around with some designs, I settled on one of my favourite shapes – the humble yet regal Kimono, which, like the trucker jacket, never goes out of style. My goal was to somehow fuse the two together while maintaining the distinguishable features of both and striving for a modern aesthetic. The Kimono is defined by a T-shaped silhouette and wrap-over enclosure (left over right), while a Trucker jacket can be identified through its distinctive front detailing – chest pockets with pointed flaps, V-shaped front seams, center buttons and horizontal breast seams. To achieve an effective merging of the two, I drafted a kimono pattern to the same scale as the Trucker jacket and used a supplemental maroon velvet fabric to fill in the gaps where there was not enough denim. The whole process has been photographically documented to help one appreciate the work involved in upcycling by restructuring. I feel that the final product embodies my skill set and what my work is all about – creating from the “old”, a completely new garment in its own right.